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Underwater photography is my passion. I'd like to share what I see and love. As time goes by, more and more family members and friends are more attached to the irresistable personal devices called smart phone, it seems the only way to communicate with them is via this little magic device. Of course, photo sharing is a great way to communicate. However, my old traditional photo site does not display and interact nicely on the mobile devices. I ended up wrote this Ben's Mobile Photo website that is friendly to your phone and to your fingers. Benjamin Tong Contact information: Benjamin Tong 15 Larson Dr Hampstead, NH 03841 Email: tongb@vinaworld.com Phone: +1.978.394.0557 Copyright notice: All images © 2007-2020 Benjamin Tong. All rights reserved. Reproduction and distribution - except for personal use - of the image without written permission from me is prohibited. Please feel free to download and use any images for your personal use. Please contact me at the above contact infomration for any other usage.
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